Who we are

For over 50 years we see ourselves as cultural ambassadors with a clear purpose: to make available our cultural heritage in its most beautiful form – the art of the book – to art lovers, bibliophiles and experts. Bringing together state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship, we reflect the spirit and visual richness of ancient manuscripts in replicas that are true to the original. We, the World´s Leading Fine Art Facsimile Publishing Group, proudly present a new technology for the first time ever. Immerse yourself in a world characterised by the radiant splendour of gold and silver, the expressive imagery and vivid colours that only miniatures of great manuscripts can convey. Thanks to our Augmented Reality App “Living Manuscripts” we bring a selection of our miniatures alive and we invite you to join us during this unique experience!

The World’s Leading Fine Art Facsimile Publishing Group consists of

Eikon Editores
Madrid, Spain

Faksimile Verlag
Simbach am Inn, Germany

Verlag Müller & Schindler
Simbach am Inn, Germany