History meets High Tech.
See Medieval Art coming to life!

The World´s Leading Fine Art Facsimile Publishing Group proudly presents a new technology for the first time ever: explore manuscript pages as no one has ever seen them before – with our Augmented Reality App „Living Manuscripts“. Just scan the QR Code above or click on one of the logos below to obtain the app for free – and start your unique journey to medieval art!

AR app available for tablets and smartphones (iOS / Android)

How it works?


Download the app “Living Manuscripts” by scanning the QR code or clicking on the logo of your market place (iOs or Android).


Open the app and scan one of the miniatures available in our “Interactive Gallery” or by using our printed facsimile single pages as target images.


Enjoy and experience how our manuscripts come alive!

Do you have any questions or
do you need further information?


Unfortunately, the Living Manuscripts app is currently not available. We are working on it so that you can bring our manuscripts back to life soon!