Masterpieces of
Islamic book art

Treasures of Islamic Book Art in 20 facsimile leaves and as a Luxury Box

For thousands of years, fantastic manuscripts have been created throughout the Islamic world. Now, for the first time, some of them are partially reproduced as true-to-the-original Fine Art Facsimile Leaves. They form a unique collection worldwide illustrating the artistry of calligraphers and book illuminators from more than ten centuries and from different cultural backgrounds of the Islamic world. Each leaf is exactly reproduced according to the precious original, every aspect, the colour scheme as well as the bright gold – where available – are reproduced down to the smallest detail. Even irregular edges of the pages are represented exactly like the original by trimming.

A noble passe-partout enfolds every facsimile leaf, accompanied by informative texts in both, English and Arabic, and protected by a luxurious gold-leafed presentation folder.

Our Luxury Edition

A special selection of 12 Fine Art Facsimile Leaves are issued in a strictly limited luxury edition. An exclusive box protects these masterpieces. Covered with the finest blue leather the box is decorated with bright gold embossing.

With the presentation of the Luxury Box „Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination“ we want to emphasize on the importance of these precious single leaves and make them ambassadors of the Islamic culture.

The Royal Psalter
of Sainte-Chapelle

Psalters used to be the richest illuminated manuscripts in the history of book art. The Royal Psalter (Bibliothèque de l‘Arsenal, Ms. 1186), dated 1230 and presumably created for Blanche de Castille, the mother of King Louis the Saint, is no exception in this respect. Originated at a time when Paris became the most important centre of manuscript production in Europe, inspired by the luminosity of gothic cathedral windows, this codex with its ornate miniatures and luxurious gold decoration is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of French book illumination in the 13thcentury. For the first time this fascinating artwork is now published as a true-to-the-original Fine Art Facsimile Edition.

About the publishers
We see ourselves as cultural ambassadors with a clear purpose: to make available our cultural heritage in its most beautiful form – the art of the book – to art lovers, bibliophiles and experts.
The World’s Leading Fine Art Facsimile Publishing Group consists of
The secret revelation of John

Who would have thought that the topic of the apocalypse is more up-to-date and contemporary than ever before?

We present the Berry Apocalypse, one of the most fascinating manuscripts of the 15th century. It was written around 1410 in Paris by an unknown master. The commissioner was the Duke of Berry (1340-1416), known as one of the greatest art patrons and bibliophiles of the late Middle Ages.

This precious Apocalypse of the Duc de Berry, singular in its kind, is protected by a dark orange velvet cover  with fantastic silver clasps under the signature MS. M.133 as one of the treasures of the Morgan Library. On 87 folios, it shows 85 full- and half page miniatures in golden frames, illustrating the biblical text in an exceptional way – a sublime work of art owned by one of the most extraordinary patrons of the arts of all times.

Civitates Orbis Terrarum
Cities of the World – Volume IV

The ”Civitates Orbis Terrarum“ is the most comprehensive and best-known book on city views of the 16th century created by Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg. In six handsome and precious volumes there is a collection of engravings and city maps giving information about the then known world. The excellent etchings are of tremendous importance, particularly since they provide not only detailed depictions of towns and landscapes but also a great deal of additional information: coats of arms, popular genre scenes of the life of farmers and fishermen, local customs and fashion, vessels, carts and carriages of all kind. In the accompanying text Georg Braun describes the geographical situation, the historic development and the economic circumstances of each city, in an instructive and amusing way.

The publishing house Müller & Schindler has already published the first three volumes in the past as true-to-original facsimile editions, which enjoy high popularity among clients. Now the time has come and Volume IV of these city views from the year 1590 is also available. In addition to cities such as Bologna, Seville and Munich, Canterbury and Rotterdam, amongst others, are mentioned. The historical and artistic significance of this work remains outstanding to this day.

The Godescalc Gospels
The Prayer Book of Charlemagne

Commissioned by Charlemagne and his wife between 781 and 783, the Godescalc Gospels as a liturgical luxury manuscript are of outstanding importance in terms of art history. According to the wealth and rank of the high commissioners, it is equipped with all the means of writing and painting that were available at the court: the golden and silver ink stands on precious purple pastels, the sides are decorated with rich ornamentation, and a series of six impressive full-page miniatures opens the text.

The true-to-the-original Fine Art Facsimile Edition of the manuscript Ms. Nouv. Acq. Lat. 1203 of the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris contains a total of 6 full-page miniatures and is illustrated with ornamental decor found in frames, initials and ornamental pages.

The Aratea Vaticana
Looking at the sky in a splendorous trip to the stars

A masterpiece of Italian Renaissance, one of the most beautiful astronomical-astrological manuscripts of medieval book  illumination and a sumptuous, richly embroidered velvet cover: for the first time ever, the Aratea Vaticana is published as a perfect, true to the original facsimile edition.

The Aratea Vaticana
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